2019 Dec: Thank you, LATHER!

Lather is one of our amazing, generous donors and last month their donation helped us run a reprint of a 1000 Little Big Baobab Booklets!  These are printed in both TshiVenda and English.

In 2016, after completing her PhD in the Ecology of Baobab trees, Dr Sarah Venter realized there was very little factual and easy-to-read information about baobabs on the internet and for the general public.  So she set about writing an informative yet accessible booklet about the ecology of baobab trees aimed at school children and curious adults alike.  The first edition of the Little Big Baobab Book was printed in 2016.  Soon thereafter the Booklet was translated into TshiVenda by Nancy Mutshaeni, a Professor at the University of Venda.

The translation of the booklet into Tshivenda was significant, as this allowed the booklet to be accessed and read by hundreds of TshiVenda speaking people in the rural areas where baobab trees grow wild.

Printing the second edition of the booklet would not have been possible without the support from Lather.  Lather produces a beautiful cosmetic range in the US which has grown from strength to strength and since 2017 has donated a percentage of their profits to the Baobab Foundation.  Their beautiful Baobab & Shea collection of body-care products uses baobab oil as an ingredient.  When you buy any of their Baobab & Shea Collection products, they donate $1 to the program.  Lather is also sponsoring the planting and care of 25 baobab trees in our Baobab Guardians program.

From the Lather baobab & shea range

The Little Big Baobab Booklet, both in English and TshiVenda, can be downloaded from the Baobab Foundation Website free of charge.

The Baobab Foundation is blessed with the support of many individuals and companies from around the world. 

If you would like to acquire copies for your local or school libraries, or purchase a copy for yourself (they are retailing for R50.00 a copy) please contact Sarah directly. 100% of all proceeds goes back into supporting the Baobab Foundation.

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