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The seasons of baobab trees

seasons of baobabs

Here, talented photographer Vanessa Bristow shares some of her photographs of Baobabs taken at Sentinel Ranch in Zimbabwe.  We’ll be featuring more of her stunning photographs during the week.

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Vanessa Bristow: a bird’s guide to baobab trees

Vanessa Bristow: a bird’s guide to baobab trees

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2019 Dec: Thank you, LATHER!

2019 Dec: Thank you, LATHER!

The second print of the Little Big Baobab Booklet has been funded by Baobab Foundation donor LATHER. Inspired by her PhD research on baobab trees, Dr Sarah Venter wants to make the fascinating information usually available only in obscure scientific papers, available to a much broader audience including children. curious adults, and anyone who loves baobab trees…

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