First SA Conference on Essential and Vegetable Oils

Last month Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and the South African Essential Oils Producers’ Association (SAEOPA) hosted the first South African Conference on Essential and Vegetable Oils to facilitate quality exports.

Dr Sarah Venter (Managing Director at EcoProducts) was invited to be a guest presenter at the conference.  Sarah presented on quality standards in Baobab Oil and working with communities to achieve high standards and meeting customer expectations.

Sarah presented alongside well-known people in the industry and internationally renowned people such as Dr Aubrey Parsons, Mr Denzil Phillps, Dr Ian Southwell and Prof K Hüsnü Can Baser.

The conference theme was “Industry milestones, Sharing Successes and Demystifying Market Requirements” and brought together over 150 oil producers from all over South Africa and Southern Africa. Attendees were provided with highly relevant information from proven experts on the burning issues they face, particularly with regards to their successful entry into the global market place.

The demand for both essential oils and vegetable oils is escalating worldwide, which opens up a wonderful opportunity for South Africa with its diversity of climate and soil types to excel and prove themselves a worthy contender in exporting both essential and vegetable oils for world consumption.  “The growth in this sector will stimulate increased production (volumes, quality and innovation) of vegetable and essential oils, improved packaging, knowledge of regulatory requirements and internationally recognised testing facilities, understanding of market (and export) requirements, better pricing and distribution.

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