Our Baby Baobabs are Growing Up!

Our Baobab Guardians have been doing a wonderful job this year taking care of their baobab tree seedlings and growing them in a protected environment until they reach 3 metres in height and are ready to fend for themselves. Baobab Guardians make sure the baby baobabs get enough water and are physically protected from being damaged or eaten by livestock.

Samson Mathegu stands next to his well-protected baobab seedling

This guardianship is sponsored by generous donors and has two key impacts: 1. ensuring new baobab trees are successfully added to the environment (many seedlings struggle to survive in the wild) and 2. cultivating an understanding on the importance of caring for the environment in local Venda villages. Baobab guardians are paid a small sum for every centimeter the tree grows until it reaches a height of 3 metres.

Joyce Manenzhe and Maria Sihotha next to their grown up baobab trees

Usually we take measurements twice a year, in March and November but this year, due to Covid we’ve only been able to measure them in November. We are so pleased to see that all our trees have done so well!

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