Dambale Creche Fence Completed

Back in July, we told you about Dambale village which has no facilities for their 50-70 pre-schoolers. The Baobab Foundation decided to support the Dambale village in achieving their goal of building a pre-school for their children. You can read the full story here.

Once land had been allocated to the project (see image above), our first aim was to build a fence to demarcate the area. This is so once we begin building, it becomes a safe construction site for delivery of building materials. A fence is needed to keep the children safely inside, while keeping animals – especially livestock such as goats and donkeys – out.

We’re delighted that the fence around the Dambale Preschool was completed this month (September 2020).  A big thank you for the generous donation of $1000 from Protec Botanica which contributed towards building the fence.

Phillip, the fencing contractor and Gloria, the village co-ordinator

We’re still aiming to build three classrooms (including equipment such as tables, chairs, blankets, cupboards and so on) as well as a baby room for the very young children to sleep, a covered open-plan area for children to play and where they can eat their lunch. This area will provide shade as well as a protected area when it’s raining.  We’ll need a kitchen (including equipment) store room and child-friendly toilets.   EcoProducts will contribute their truck for collection and deliveries of materials and will project-manage the building.

We’re also going to need playground equipment, water tanks and signage.

Our total required budget is $16, 280. 

We’d be so grateful for any contribution – large or small – towards this important social upliftment project.  You’ll receive our progress reports and updated photographs, get acknowledged in our blogs and on our social media posts which you’ll be able to share on your own social media platforms, knowing that your donation has made a real difference in the lives of many people.

You Can Contribute Here

Achievements to date

Over the last five years, 6 pre-schools have received support from the Baobab Foundation.  This has been in the form of educational toys, climbing frames, swings, clothes, food and building classrooms.

Our ultimate aim is to support at least one pre-school in each village where baobab fruit is harvested.

Thank you for being part of the Baobab Foundation community! If you’d like to make a contribution please visit our campaign page (click here) to make a hassle-free donation or contact me directly sarah@ecoproducts.co.za and I will send you our banking details.

Warm regards

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