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Famous Baobabs: A Champion of Trees – The Sagole Baobab

Champion trees are nationally listed individual trees which are exceptional examples of their species because of their enormous size, great age, rarity or historical significance. One of the South African champion trees is the Sagole Baobab Tree, located in Vendaland, Limpopo Province, with a trunk diameter of 10.47 metres. It may not be the stoutest of baobab trees (The Sunland and Glencoe Baobabs have larger girths) but the Sagole tree has the largest size of all with a height of 22 metres and a crown diamter of 38.2 metres.  

The tree has been carbon dated as being 1200 years old! 

The Sagole tree is also noted for being home to a rare colony of Mottled Spinetails. Here are two of my own pictures of the Sagole Tree – showing it with and without leaves.  How magnificant it is! 

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