Baobabs Tell of Ancient African Past

“Baobabs are, in a sense, living records of the past – museums that store information about the environmental backdrop of the ancient societies we study. During the lifespan of these trees, numerous cultures and societies have come and gone, and the trees contain information about them. But since they are living, they also store information about the present,” says Xander Antonites.

A wonderful long-read article that meanders along a trail, 1 000 years old, linking Vilanculos on the coast of Mozambique with the home of the little golden rhino, Mapungubwe. The trail is marked by the presence of giant baobabs, observers, watchers, sentinels of the past, silent witnesses to the rise and fall of cultures and communities. Along the way, we hear from EcoProducts owner Dr Sarah Venter.

Read this fascinating story here.

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Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to our winners!

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2014 Mar: Baobab seedlings get big ideas!

2014 Mar: Baobab seedlings get big ideas!

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Brave Baobab Seedlings

Brave Baobab Seedlings

These baobab seedling pics remind me of the boldness of youth. And these days sadly, if they’re growing in an inhabited area, they’re bound to get eaten by livestock. Out there in the ‘wild’ they just have to make the most of a few weeks of life and then the thousand year promise in their genes is extinguished. Which is why the work of the Baobab Guardians becomes so important. 

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