Baobab Ecology Article Published in Prestigious Journal

Dr Sarah Venter, founder of the Baobab Foundation, has just had another one of her papers on the fascinating world of baobab ecology published in the prestigious international journal Forest Ecology and Management.

The paper titled, Phenology, flowering and fruit-set patterns of baobabs, Adansonia digitata, in Southern Africa, describes the timing of leaf flush and flowering of baobab trees in the arid Venda area of Limpopo. 

Sarah completed her PhD in Baobab ecology in 2012 and has continued to lead research in this area since then.  She collaborates with students and researchers from universities around South Africa and the world in order to grow knowledge of the ecology of baobab trees.

Click here to get a limited 50 day access to her article directly off the Forest Ecology and Management website.

Donations to the Baobab Foundation for research of baobab trees are hugely appreciated!   Please email Sarah directly to find out how to donate and support this program.

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