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The Art of Baobab

Baobab tree Thomas Baines

Do you recognise this painting?  Find out how the Baobab has inspired other crafters, artists and photographers. Visit our Baobab Inspiration Pinterest page here:


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2016 Aug: The Little BIG BAOBAB Book

2016 Aug: The Little BIG BAOBAB Book

Inspired by her PhD research on baobab trees, Dr Sarah Venter wanted to make the fascinating information usually available only in obscure scientific papers, available to a much broader audience including children. The Little BIG BAOBAB book is for everyone who loves baobab trees…

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Calling the community

Calling the community

I was visiting a village in Venda the other day and needed to talk to the community about when I would be collecting baobab fruit.  During the day people are scattered and busy with other chores so it’s difficult to get to speak to everybody at the same time.  The headman’s wife was so excited […]

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Pre-School Graduation Day Celebration

Pre-School Graduation Day Celebration

‘Graduation’ for pre-school! The EcoProducts Baobab Foundation support a number of pre-schools in various villages in the area. We believe this a vitally important aspect of early childhood development that urgently needs our attention and funding in order to break the poverty cycle. Now the children we’ve been helping to support are ready to ‘graduate’ to ‘big’ school!

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