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2017 Jan: Baobab Guardians: tree keepers of the future

Baobab Guardians

Platbos is an exquisite relic forest with trees of over 1000 years of age.  Indigenous forests are rare and endangered ecosystems covering less than 0.05% of the Western Cape. The owners of Platbos, Melissa & Francois Krige, have created a number of initiatives in the forest including educational forest walks, to their tree nursery and Trees for Tomorrow reforestation project – all part of their commitment to work in harmony with the forces of nature.  Melissa has also created a wonderful range of African Tree Essences

African Tree Essences Sponsored Tree Planted

So we were delighted when Melissa’s African Tree Essences  sponsored their first baobab tree seedling with us in March 2016.   At the end of November last year, the sapling now measures 95cm and has been planted out. 

Annah Muvhali is its guardian.  She has planted it in the far end of her field near her house.  Here the tree will be safe from goats and she will be able to give it grey water from her house everyday.  Annah has green fingers and is very enthusiastic.   

1 2016 11 Annah Muvhali sponsored by AFrican Tree EssencesSarah Venter will be measuring the tree again in April this year. 

Melissa says, “we are most excited to support and sponsor “Baobab Guardians” via the EcoProducts Foundation. Our new Baobab Tree Essence shares the incredible healing energies of the Baobab, the Tree of Life. The young baobab tree that has been planted in our name is our gift of thanks to the land, its people and the magnificent baobab elders who watch over this special part of Africa. Our thanks to Annah Muvhali, the guardian of our baobab, for tending to all its needs.”

Despite baobab trees being incredibly hardy and long-lived,  few seedlings are able to survive livestock eating them in inhabited areas.  This is why the EcoProducts foundation exists, to enable baobab guardians to take care of the seedlings until they can survive on their own. 

It’s all part of a culture of caring

So it is with heartfelt thanks to African Tree Essences for their sponsorship,  enabling us to take care of the future of baobab trees  – one seedling at a time.

It costs just R1900 over a period of 3 years for a baobab guardian to grow a baobab from seedling to a 3 metre sapling.  The donor will receive 2 photographs a year and measurements.  To find out more about Baobab Guardians and how you can contribute, click here or email Sarah Venter

Since baobab trees often only begin producing fruit after 200 years,  this has to be one of the most far-reaching into the future sustainability projects around!

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