Testimonials about boabab oil

Faithful-To-Nature’s 5-star Ratings on Baobab Oil!


My friends have noticed a huge difference in my skin!

'I have a particularly dry skin and in the past have used several imported skincare products to try and ward off the inevitable signs of ageing, with average success.  About 6 months ago I started using Eco Products’ Baobab Oil every morning, under a very average type of day cream.  I can see a huge difference in my skin and several friends have commented on how much more youthful / less dry my skin is looking.  I’m delighted with the results and will definitely continue to use it as part of my daily regime.'  Barbara, January 2016
    Barbara, Cape Town

Baobab oil makes an amazing difference to my skin!

Lovely testimonial from a happy customer:
'Dear Sarah, I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Baobab oil. I have been using it myself for the first time and the difference in my old skin is amazing. Scars and wrinkles are disappearing and healing on my skin is so quick, whereas it used to take months. Friends are looking at my skin and wanting to buy it for themselves now, so word is getting out!' Laura, Pretoria, January 2016
Laura, Pretoria

Dry Winter Skin – how baobab oil can help

When your skin becomes dry, the structure of your skin changes and becomes more vulnerable. Dermatologists call this vulnerability of dry skin an impaired barrier function.  This means water escapes more easily, dehydrating your skin, and soaps and solvents are better able to penetrate your skin and remove your natural skin oils. Harsh winter weather with its cold and dry atmosphere also contributes by “pulling” water out of your skin.  Your skin gets drier and drier and its barrier gets weaker and weaker. This is where Baobab oil, a 100% pure and natural plant based oil that is cold pressed to retain all its healing qualities, can be so helpful in relieving dry skin conditions. “I bought a bottle of EcoProducts Baobab oil which I have been using  for about 10 days now.   It is great stuff!  I am mixing it with my  normal hand lotion which I use on my hands and face and it makes  a real difference.   I have tried a number of essential oils before but none of them have been quite so effective.  I am going to recommend it to everyone I think would be interested.”  Sally, Johannesburg, June 2015 Sally, Johannesburg

Nothing to show the dermatologist!

I am a tomato farmer in the Musina area.  As I spend a lot of time in the sun, I have developed skin cancer spots on my arms.  I realized that I needed to see a dermatologist about them urgently, but I could not get an appointment for a few months at the dermatologist recommended to me in the Cape.  I made the appointment anyway and decided that in the interim I would use some of my wife’s baobab oil on the spots.  To my surprise they started fading and have almost faded away.  Now I have nothing to show the dermatologist!

Mike, Musina

Baobab oil for dry, itchy, flaky eczema

Oh the misery of itchy, irritated, inflamed skin!  A Baobab oil user tells us "I have suffered with Eczema since I was a baby. It often goes away and then reappears almost over night. I have "dry & wet Eczema" Dry being dry, flakey, white patches of skin that get itchy when the skin is irritated. The wet eczema I would get mostly on my hands. After scratching it viciously (because it is almost impossible not to scratch it) it would weep, causing the skin to be inflamed, very pink and sometimes even swell.

My skin has been assessed multiple times by different doctors. All doctors prescribing me almost the same treatment. I have just about tried everything on the market

My mother got the Baobab oil for me because she said she read up about it and wrote in about my skin condition. Whenever my skin is dry, itchy or a little flakey I apply the oil. I sometimes apply it up to 5 times a day. My last application is before bed so it soaks in through the night. The Baobab oil has definitely helped to reduce the redness and smooth out the dry skin. I have also given some to my sister to use on her face, for her very dry skin and we have both seen  an improvement!"  Bianca Chael Ruegg, Cape Town

Bianca Chanel Ruegg, Cape Town

Help for Hair!

"Baobab oil is a fantastic product, I’m very satisfied with it! I have frizzy hair. I use it as a leave-in conditioner, and afterwards my hair is silky smooth and soft! I only use one tiny drop. Its the best product that I have ever used on my hair". says Elaine, Faithful-to-Nature customer.

Baobab oil is well known as an active ingredient in a variety of hair treatments as it’s an excellent solution for dry, brittle, frizzy or dull hair.   It acts as a superior and deeply nourishing emollient that hydrates and rehabilitates dry and damaged strands.

Baobab oil is a great way to nourish your hair and a perfect way to deliver the nutrients it needs. The omega fatty acids improve elasticity and restore strength and shine. Baobab oil can also relieve an itchy scalp: botanical oils gets absorbed easily into the scalp soothing irritation and dryness. 

Add a few drops to your usual hair conditioner to give a boost to its effectiveness.  Alternatively, distribute a spritz of baobab oil onto towel-dry hair, comb it through and style as normal.  Your hair will feel soft, silky-smooth and hydrated without being heavy or feeling weighed down.  And if you need a little more persuasion, here's a great blog by The Beauty Professor on why she uses a baobab oil serum on her hair.


How baobab oil removed my unsightly pigmentation: a stunning testimonial!

Baobab oil BEFORE and AFTER pic-pigmentation

Wilma Meyer's Story: Cape Town

“At the end of November 2001, I underwent radiation treatment for a rare eye condition. Approximately 2 years later, I noticed dark patches of pigmentation forming. They were on my temples, cheekbones and most noticeably on my forehead. Everyone thought that it was just hormonal. Deep down, I knew that it was more than this . After visiting various GPs, pharmacies and beauty counters I visited a well-known dermatologist who gave the following diagnosis: the scarring was due to the radiation treatment that I had received but that not much could be done because the damage was quite deep.

Her prescribed medication consisted of creams – lots of them (cortisone based). For cleansing, it was Epizone E cream. Various other preparations were prescribed from time to time. This went on for another 2 years with no improvement.  At one stage, the dermatologist even suggested just using makeup powder to ‘hide’ the scars.  By this time I had accepted that this would be my look and embraced it as just how it would be.  At times I even forgot that they were there until a stranger would come up to me and suggest products for my face. I would try the product but if I didn’t see results, I wouldn’t buy it again.  I spent a LOT of money over time on various skin products – none of which helped significantly.

In July 2012,  my work brought me into contact with Baobab oil and I decided to try it. I bought my 1st 5ml and virtually used a drop each morning mixed with my sunblock. This was my daily routine which I continued for a while. Early in 2013, I purchased a 30ml bottle and started using the oil more frequently – now adding an evening treatment of just plain baobab oil.  I also started mixing it with my moisturizer. It was round about April 2013 that I noticed that my scars on my forehead and temples had just disappeared. I can’t say when that happened because in my mind they were still there. The scarring on my cheeks is considerably lighter as well.

I now scrutinize my face each time I look in the mirror in amazement because it is absolutely unbelievable how Baobab oil has transformed my skin!  I am so excited about Baobab oil and find myself telling everyone I know – and who know my story – about what it has done for me.

Baobab oil is a great find and is now something that I cannot do without!” 

Wilma, Cape Town

Unsightly scars reduced with Baobab oil

Baobab oil helps with scarring

Leigh was in a car accident some years ago (2008) and had to have surgery to her arm afterwards.  She scars very easily and was very worried about the unsightly scars that the cut and staples might leave.  She decided to only use baobab oil on her wound and this is what it looks like now (2013).  She says very few people even notice the cut.  What a great result, hey!

Share this with a friend you know who may have scarring that they would like to reduce!

Leigh, Limpopo

Baobab oil helps with scarring

Mohamed before and after Strolling through a shopping mall in Centurion,  Mohamed’s ankle got caught by a woman’s shopping trolley.  He fell forward and hit his forehead against a ceramic tile.  The skin split open and he had to be rushed to get stitches.  ‘I got more stitches than I could count’, said Mohamed afterwards.   Once the wound had settled after a few weeks, his doctor gave him a bottle of EcoProducts baobab oil to help heal the scar.  He applied the oil every day to the scar and two months later – look how wonderfully it has healed! Mohamed, Centurion Mohamed, Centurion

Baobab oil for the whole family!

Family skin care

A letter from a happy customer:   "Hi Sarah, baobab oil is helping my entire family. I  love that we can all use it! My hubby had a large patch of dead skin cells on his leg caused by a reaction to a bite and absolutely nothing was helping him. Since using the baobab oil, there has been a significant improvement. His skin is a lot lighter and you can see that its encouraging new skin cells to form.  I also have used it on my baby boy. He had a small dry skin patch on his face and I was nervous to put anything on it,  but since I know baobab is all natural, it gave me the confidence to use it on him and know that it is safe..The patch is now gone.   The eczema on my hands is a lot better too… not as flaky and raw.   The oil really hydrates the skin.. it really is an amazing product!!  Thanks so much, Claire xx  ps: love that its a spray, makes it so easy to apply and use." Claire, Amanzimtoti

Claire, Amanzimtoti

Healthy nails with Baobab oil

nails testimonial combo

Jill from Sunnyside who does a lot of gardening, says: "I have nails that are so dry they often crack. I have been rubbing baobab oil directly onto my nails every morning and evening and they have stopped cracking and look healthier than ever!"

Jill, Sunnyside

Baobab oil helps bone transplant wound recovery

Ida, who lives in the Karoo tells us a wonderful story of how baobab oil has helped her bone transplant wound recover, recently. She was thrilled with the way her skin responded and can't wait for the plaster on her foot to be removed so she can use it on the 3 long scars left by the operation.  In the meantime, she's also been using the oil on her small children's mosquito bites.

Here is her full story in Afrikaans:   "Ek het 'n voetoperasie gehad. Ek is nog in gips.  Mag vir 3 maande nie op my voet trap nie, Die sny onder my knie vir die beenoorplanting is noual sonder pleister.  Ek het 'n hele ruk gelede vir my 'n botteltjie Baobab olie gekoop omdat dit vir my interressant gelyk het.  Ek woon op ;n plaas en het besluit om van die olie aan die sny(met oplosbare steke in) te smeer. Dis ongelooflik hoe pragtig my vel reageer. Ek kan nie wag dat my gips moet afkom sodat ek aan my voet se 3 LANG snye kan smeer nie.  Julie maand word my ander voet gedoen. Ek stel belang om nog olie aan te koop myne is op van muskietbyte van my kleinkinders te dokter. Karoo Groete, Ida"

Ida, Karoo

Dry itchy skin disappeared after using baobab oil

Baobab oil is absolutely fantastic.  My hubby used it on his skin and he hasn't complained about dry itchy skin again.  I've been using it on my face and it's a brilliant moisturizer, no oiliness and it draws into my skin quickly.  I'm left with soft, hydrated skin. I am definitely going to purchase a bottle or two!!! Thank you


No more dry flaky skin

The oil has definitely helped and I no longer have dry flaky skin after using it, which in turn results in no itchiness - YAY!  My skin is softer and smoother, but I do need to use the oil after each shower otherwise the flakiness reappears.  I like ht feel of the oil but I find that it isn't completely absorbed by my skin despite  lengthy massaging.  I will definitely continue using the oil buy it think I might try adding it to some aqueous cream. 

Denise, South Africa