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Baobab fruit powder excellent for sports nutrition

"I love your product and for us as a sports loving family it has been a definite buy when playing sport.  My husband cycles and uses the powder after racing and training, and so far has never cramped since using it and says his recovery is so much better.  My 2 sons both play waterpolo and I use the powder in their milkshakes for in between games.  For me, having a big sporting family, I want something that is not full of chemicals and replenishes nutrients the natural way. Boabab powder does this perfectly.  Thank you for an awesome product!"  Michelle Kamstra   Michelle Kamstra, Limpopo

Fitness Fanatics love nutritious Baobab fruit powder!

‘I started adding baobab powder to our smoothies and thoroughly enjoyed the zing it added especially in the morning. I used it for the last two weeks and I can feel a difference especially my husband as he is prone to feeling lethargic. He works in a very stressful environment  The vitamin C, calcium and magnesium are excellent especially as we are fitness fanatics and the extra boost is most welcome. It is also a natural source of dietary fibre which keeps us regular. I would highly recommend incorporating this superfood into your daily eating plan as you are sure to reap the benefits.’ Natasha Naidoo, Cape Town Natasha Naidoo, Cape Town

Faithful-To-Nature’s star Ratings on Baobab Powder!

baobab powder testimonials ,

Baobab powder is a great for extra nutrients!

I've used the baobab powder as a supplement to my breakfast cereal - either Futurelife or cooked oats. I don't notice a distinct flavour, but it feels good to know that I'm starting my day with extra nutrients. I'm excited to try your mayo recipe and will definitely be including the baobab powder in my date and nut energy balls. They are very simple to make: just combine your own selection of seeds, nuts, dessicated coconut and dates in a blender with just enough water for it to form a paste. Roll small balls in the palm of your hand and store in a sealed container in the fridge. They are awesome for a quick snack and something sweet but healthy! Erin Lotz, Cape Town

Boabab powder is wonderful!

This baobab powder is wonderful! It's my first time trying it out and I've fallen in love with it. I add it every other day to my morning oats bowl and it gives it this nice citrisy-sour taste which I love. I also addit to my weekend breakfast smoothie and the taste is amazing! It works best for me in the morning because I feel it gives me a bit more energy than usual when I incorporate it into my breakfast. Ciska Joone, Paarl

Yummy Chicken Sesame Baobab recipe!

Ok! I can honestly say the @ecoproductsbaobab is delish! It has a tart, citrusy flavor & the baobab & sesame chicken strips were divine!  A delicious gluten free meal for the whole family. Award winning Blessed Barreness Blog http://www.theblessedbarrenness.co.za/gluten-free-baobab-sesame-chicken/ Sharon van Wyk, Cape Town

A baobab superboost of Vitamin C!

Baobab powder has FOUR times the amount of vitamin c than oranges!  Nutritional therapist Sunette from Cape Town says: “I have really enjoyed using Baobab superfruit powder - I add it to my breakfast smoothies and it adds a lovely tangy flavour that works well with banana, pineapple or mango based smoothies. I love that it is a natural source of Vitamin C and have recommended it to some of my clients for that reason.”  Read the full article on vitamin C in baobab powder and here's a quick and delicious recipe for Baobab Tropical Smoothie.

Nutritional therapist, Sunette, Cape Town

Baobab powder gives you sparkle!

We love what Adri of Plettenberg Bay has to say about using Baobab Fruit Powder: 

"So, what happened is that my husband and I started digging into the powder...and now we are so unbelievably hooked...I mean, we call it our 'gold dust' :) ... we love it, and now our smoothies are just not smoothies anymore without a bit of gold dust added to it!"

Adri, Plettenberg Bay

Baobab powder and blood sugar levels

Baobab fruit powder is an excellent source of  magnesium (offering twice as much magnesium as dark leafy greens) and is particularly rich in fibre of which 75% is soluble fibre, which is most valuable. Both magnesium and soluble fibre play significant roles in balancing blood sugar levels helping to prevent diabetes.  

Jack fom Kojas says: "A few years ago a friend gave me a whole baobab fruit and suggested I eat the powder out of the fruit to help with my blood sugar levels.  I was a bit skeptical at first but then I realized that it was working and that eating the baobab powder kept my blood sugar levels stable.  Now that it is in a powder form and available in my local pharmacy I take it by the table spoon."

Jack, Kojas

Baobab Powder for Magnesium

Baobab Powder is an excellent source of magnesium as it contains twice as much magnesium as dark leafy greens.  Marissa from Louis Trichardt says: "I have been taking magnesium tablets to stop my legs cramping. I have now switched to baobab powder and it works just as well.  I also love that it is natural and includes a balance of other vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and vitamin C."

Marissa, Louis Trichardt

Baobab powder gives my smoothies a lift.

I want to let you know that I add 1 tablespoon of baobab powder to my smoothie every morning.  It gives it a lift that no other product does, plus it is super healthy.

Jill, Cape Town

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