Africa’s Superfruit – Baobab Powder Nutritional Summary

What is Baobab Powder Superfruit?

Baobab fruit is Africa’s true superfruit! Baobab powder contains high levels of Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and dietary fibers.  These minerals all exist in a naturally balanced relationship within the fruit.  Our diets require these minerals to boost our health and vitality, thus making baobab powder an excellent source.

The baobab fruit is one of the few fruits to dry out completely while still on the tree. The pods are only harvested when they fall to the ground and they only fall when they are completely dried out. This means that the powder requires minimal handling and processing so it retains all its nutritional qualities.  The powder is separated from the seeds (which are pressed to get Baobab oil) and then sieve it to give it the wonderfully fine, silky textured powder which mixes easily into foods and drinks that EcoProducts has become known for.  

What does baobab powder contain?

Vitamin C

VITAMIN C Baobab Graph

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and antioxidant found in abundance in Baobab fruit powder.  Baobab powder has nearly 4 times more Vitamin C than oranges, and has one of the highest antioxidant ratings.  Because Vitamin C can’t be stored in our bodies it’s necessary to consume it on a daily basis.   Baobab powder contains 4 times Vitamin C than oranges.


CALCIUM Baobab Graph

Calcium is an alkaline mineral and functions to support bone and dental health, muscle movement and vital metabolic functions in the blood, nerves and cells. Baobab superfruit powder is an excellent source of calcium for children, vegans, pregnant and post-menopausal women and is possibly the richest plant-based source of calcium known, containing 1.5 times the amount of calcium found in almonds.



Magnesium is required in over 350 essential biochemical reactions and is necessary for energy metabolism, muscle and heart function, a healthy nervous system and bone density. Magnesium plays a significant role in the prevention of diabetes and osteoporosis as well as a host of other conditions such as hypertensionchronic fatigue and insomnia.   Baobab powder is an excellent source of magnesium as it contains twice as much magnesium as dark leafy greens.



Potassium is both a mineral and an electrolyte.  As a mineral it works towards maintaining healthy muscle function including the heart.  As an electrolyte, it assists with conducting nerve impulses and is important for kidney health, helping to regulate the amount of water in your body, the blood pH levels, working closely with sodium to manage blood pressure.   Baobab powder is an excellent source of potassium containing 6 times as much potassium as bananas.

Dietary Fibre


Baobab powder is particularly rich in fiber.  By weight, up to 50% is dietary fibre, of which 75% is soluble fiber. Soluble fiber assists with balancing blood sugar levels and functions as a prebiotic promoting the healthy flourishing of probiotic cultures in the intestinal tract.  In this way, dietary fiber serves to strengthen the immune system and optimizes the healthy absorption of nutrients and transit time of foods in the gut contributing to overall digestive health.


Why EcoProducts Baobab Powder

Baobab powder 200 gram

EcoProduct’s Baobab Superfruit powder is certified organic.  EcoProducts has implemented a research and monitoring program gathering information about the state of baobab populations in the harvesting area.  A nursery is being established to grow and actively plant baobab trees to boost the natural population and sustainability.  In this way, the company plays an important role in the conservation of baobab trees.  Baobab fruit is sourced directly from communities who live in the poorest and most underdeveloped parts of southern Africa and Venda bringing about much needed economic benefits.

Visit for recipes and a wealth of fascinating information on all things Baobab.

How do I use baobab powder?

The taste of Baobab powder is reminiscent of a tart sherbet-y apple-lime flavour adding a zesty freshness to drinks, smoothies, breakfast cereals, desserts and much more.  Mix a teaspoon or two into your breakfast cereal or porridge or add a tablespoon to your favorite fruit smoothie or green drink.

How much baobab powder should I use?

Baobab RDATwo tablespoons a day will give you:

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