Craft Baobab & Ginger Weiss Beer


What happens when craft beer meets the Baobab tree?  A magical beer called UPSIDE DOWN BAOBAB & GINGER WEISS.  This is a collaboration beer between micro-breweries Drifter Brewing Co. in Woodstock, Cape Town & Magoebaskloof’s first micro-brewery in the Limpopo –  Zwakala Brewery.  Zwakala means ‘Come Closer’ which perfectly captures the convivial African spirit behind the brand.  Together with Drifter, they’ve created this collaboration Weiss, the baobab superfruit powder and ginger adding spicy and fruity notes and offering a taste of Christmas with its rich golden colour and big foamy head.

The San people are said to have believed that the Baobab offended God and in revenge, God planted the tree upside down. Luckily this upside down beer won’t offend anybody, as it is magical. Baobab is a superfruit, loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, so it might make you magical too.

It’s so new, it’s currently only available online at YuppieChef. So head on over and order your curated box of cool, one of a kind craft beers.

Here Sarah Venter of EcoProducts and Luca Tooley of Zwalaka hold their beers, both the right way up and upside down, by far the easiest position in which to empty the bottle – Cheers! 




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  1. Merle Payne says:

    Zwakala is one of the miracles of Limpopo! Great news about collaboration… looking forward to tasting the new flavor.

    • Nina Geraghty says:

      It’s lovely and refreshing Merle – like being in the shade of a baobab tree on a hot day. We agree Zwalaka is fabulous!

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