Baobab: a daily spoon of goodness

Angie from Richards Bay says:"I have been using baobab powder in my breakfasts and even in my pancakes! It has a rather pleasant taste and I have to say I've noticed a change in my energy levels. it helps to keep me focused for longer and also aids my digestion quite a lot! Thank you for this superfood!"

Baobab powder is particularly rich in fibre so it'll definitely be helpful in digestion.  By weight, up to 50% is dietary fibre, of which 75% is soluble fibre. Soluble fibre assists with balancing blood sugar levels and functions as a prebiotic promoting the healthy flourishing of probiotic cultures in the intestinal tract.  In this way, dietary fibre serves to strengthen the immune system and optimises the healthy absorption of nutrients and transit time of foods in the gut contributing to overall digestive health. 


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