Baobab-Chicken: gluten-free!

Kerry from Langebaan sent in this unusual recipe, we tried it and WOW! We're super-impressed!  Instead of using regular wheat flour for coating chicken fillets, Kerry got the inspiration to use baobab powder instead and it's a taste sensation!  The baobab powder adds a subtle but piquant zest to the chicken – it's easy, incredibly more-ish and a gluten-free batter solution as well.  

+/- 500g Chicken fillets cut into strips

2 eggs, beaten

+/- ⅓ cup baobab powder

+/- ⅓ cup sesame seeds

Dip the chicken strips into the egg, then into the baobab powder and then into the sesame seeds. Fry in a little of oil for 1 minute, turning half way through.  Serve with baby potatoes and green salad.

That's it!  The chicken is amazing with baobab powder! Try it  for yourself and let us know how it goes for you!

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