Upside-down baobab beer

You may remember us telling you about a magical baobab beer called UPSIDE DOWN BAOBAB & GINGER WEISS, a collaboration beer between micro-breweries Drifter Brewing Co. in Woodstock, Cape Town & Magoebaskloof’s first micro-brewery in the Limpopo –  Zwakala Brewery.

This last weekend I was doing the annual baobab fruit monitoring and of course I had to drink this very refreshing Baobab beer after doing my field work in Venda.   It stormed and rained a lot while we were doing the monitoring, but by evening the sky had cleared and we set up camp under this magnificent baobab tree with my two friends Pete and Rachael Norton and Prince Musekwa.

baobab camp

During the hot afternoon I decided to get creative with my empty Weiss bottle.  


This lovely baobab beer is available online at YuppieChef.  Cheers! 

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