Bulgar & Beet Bao-Burgers for the Braai!

About this Recipe

Being a non-meat-eater who loves to braai, our recipe developer Candice Douglas (The Social Post) , dreamed of  creating a homemade veggie burger that holds its own over the flames.  Four batches of delicious but rather crumbly burgers later, she was working out how to accept defeat.  But she decided to give it one more go – and bingo! Her recipe experiments finally paid off!

Even her meat-appreciating husband was excited as he came in from the braai with the flame-browned, still-shaped-like-a-patty veggie bao-burgers, and the bite he had,  got rave reviews for flavour.

In the end, it was finding the sweet spot with the amount of baobab powder which held it all together.

These bulgar & beet bao-burgers are beautifully bolstered by melted camembert, caramelised onions, fresh sprouts, and chunky sweet potato wedges.  And yes; the extra time it takes to properly prepare the caramelised onions is so very worth it.

This recipe has been especially developed and photographed for EcoProducts by Candice and it’s a tried and tested recipe that focuses on exceptional taste using locally produced natural ingredients wherever possible.

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