Baobab oil: beautiful hair which shines

A message from one of our fans recently inspired us to try out a special treatment for hair.  “I received a bottle of Baobab oil a while ago and I’m very impressed with it!  My main skin problem was redness and the oil has made a huge difference. I even use it as a hair conditioner and a bath oil! Thank you EcoProducts!” Sanet, Eastern Cape.

Sanet is right! Baobab oil is a brilliant treatment for your hair!  We found this fantastic all-natural very effective hair treatment suitable for all hair types which you can easily do at home.  We've tried it ourselves and all we can say is: “WOW! It  really works!”  NOW is a good time – it’s the weekend after all!


Mix the following ingredients:

  • 2 x tablespoon of extra virgin pure coconut oil
  • 2 x tablespoon of organic cold pressed baobab oil
  • 8 x drops of pure aromatherapy quality peppermint oil


If the coconut oil has solidified due to cold weather, simply put the mixture into a sturdy glass and put the glass into a bowl of hot water.


Now work this mixture into your scalp and then along your hair shafts until all your hair is lightly coated in the oil. It should just feel lightly oily – not dripping! Cover your hair in a wrap (to avoid getting oil on your pillows) and leave on overnight (or longer if you're not doing any socialising!) In the morning wash twice with your favourite natural shampoo and wow! Enjoy a softer, fuller more luxurious-feeling head of hair than you've ever had before! 


This is why: 

  • Baobab oil is deeply nourishing, strengthening and moisturising dry and damaged hair.
  • Peppermint oil is excellent for stimulating hair growth, and balancing both oily and dry scalp conditions
  • Coconut Oil fills up the hair shafts and gives more body to the hair. This makes the hair look more dense and full. It also seals the hair from outside and prevents the internal moisture from escaping – this keeps the hair moisturized and strong, giving it shine and a silky feel.



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