Amazing results healing a bad burn with Baobab oil

It’s so unusual to get a testimonial about healing with baobab oil (in this case a burn wound) with actual progressive photographs!  So thank you so much Catherine Thompson for sending these in. We apologise if these pics are a bit graphic, but in the interests of seeing the fantastic results of using baobab oil on her wound, we thought the discomfort was worth it!

What happened

Catherine says: 

“I burnt myself badly on my arm on the 3rd of January – it was dreadful and I probably should have gone for burn treatment. The skin melted off. YUK. After a week of burn-shield and once the scab had come off the only thing that I could tolerate on the area was your baobab oil.healing burn with baobab oilI put it on 4 or 5 times a day and still do. I am so impressed with the scarring as it seems to get smaller each week.”healing burn with baobab oil Catherine Thompson, Kyalami    

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